About Us


Gannett Fleming Toastmasters

Club 2658, Area 12, Division A, District 38

Thank you for your interest in the Gannett Fleming Toastmasters Club. We are glad you found us. We believe that belonging to Toastmasters is not only a great way to develop important communication and presentation skills, but also a fun and effective use of your time.

The members of the Gannett Fleming Toastmasters Club invite you to join us in learning the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking — vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind.


What is Toastmasters All About?
Whether in business, at home, church, on the job or in government the confidence in one’s ability to effectively communicate can make the difference between being one in a crowd or a stand-out-individual. The Toastmaster programs offered by clubs around the world will improve your ability whether you are an experienced speaker or a novice.

How can I avoid being just another face in the crowd?
Toastmasters International will give you an opportunity to improve your Communications Abilities.

How does it work?
It works because a Toastmasters Club is a workshop in a non-threatening environment for the improvement of verbal communication. All members of a Toastmasters Clubs are there for the same reason you are, improving their communications skill. It works because there are thousands of Toastmasters Clubs throughout the United States and the world which are dedicated to improving their membership’s speaking, listening and evaluation skills.

How do I get started!
Visit one or several clubs and find one that feels right to you. Visitors are always welcomed! What happens next? As a new member in your Toastmasters Club, you will be issued The Basic Manual. This booklet outlines the ten basic speeches that you will give as a beginning Toastmaster. The speeches will be given before fellow Toastmasters who have the same goal as you, improving their communication skills. In this supportive atmosphere your speeches will be constructively critiqued, for without evaluation we would not know where to improve. Once you complete the first ten assignments, you are a Competent Communicator or CC. At this point you may wish to proceed to more advanced levels in specialized areas of public speaking.