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First Live Stream A Success!


Yesterday, our very first live streamed meeting was a huge success thanks to the hard work, planning and preparation from our VP of Education, Shaina McDonald.

Special thanks to one of our Charter Members, Ruby, for coming back to help us in this colossal team effort.

Among those participating were the CEO of Gannett Fleming, Bob Scaer, our Linkedin Specialist, Susan Lewis (Keynote Speaker), and Hector Ortiz, our Club Coach, with his presentation on Pathways.

Bruce Lindsey headed up the General Evaluator Role, Dee McArthor, DTM, brought it home as our Toastmaster for the Day, and Rajesh presented his Icebreaker with the caliber of a seasoned Toastmaster!

A special presentation and exercise on “Awareness” was a great touch by Andy Kulick , one of our newest members.

It was also great to see Holly Paris in attendance as well. A new member with much promise!

The Table Topics portion was very fun and informative with Shaina’s “Debate Exercise,” participated in by President, Speaker Tim White, and Sargent at Arms, Cristy Doyle.

The two manned technical crew made sure that over 190 live stream connections ran smoothly so that possibly 2,000+ viewers viewed our meeting with no glitches. The official numbers are not in yet.

Our room attendance was almost standing room only – good thing we had extra chairs.

When all said and done, for our first live stream and big attendance, it appeared as if we do this every meeting.  I personally could not be more impressed with the outcome.

Phenomenal job Shaina!  Thank you… your ARE appreciated!


***Click the link below to see the follow up video on our Facebook Page: